Best Daily Cryptic Crossword August 18 2022 Answers

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Best Daily Cryptic Crossword August 18 2022 Answers:

No longer tense 4 letters PAST
Very bad doctor attached to feudal arrangement 8 letters DREADFUL
Risk getting left in part of church 7 letters CHANCEL
Die by water having fallen crossing river 5 letters DROWN
Mother is one who wins a game of chess 5 letters MATER
Trees for senior citizens? 6 letters ELDERS
Playing in duet no longer having strings attached? 6 letters UNTIED
Promise made by page left on margin 6 letters PLEDGE
Story about heartless tyrant is mere gossip 6 letters TATTLE
Back leader of militia — prepare to fight again 5 letters REARM
Stand for flowing water 5 letters BROOK
Article about nobleman provides record of events 7 letters ACCOUNT
Accepted by party members he provides hypotheses 8 letters THEORIES
Supporters love goalies going to extremes 4 letters LEGS
Hitch-hiker’s request for a tonic? 8 letters PICKMEUP
Containerfound in street is barely sufficient 5 letters SCANT
Help whistleblower restraining falsehood 6 letters RELIEF
Article I had submitted to editor helped 5 letters AIDED
Thrown about in deluge 7 letters FLOORED
Nothing brought up by king to make connection 4 letters LINK
Church leader in panic found wanting 6 letters SCARCE
Insects? They’re regularly found by little children 8 letters TERMITES
Flower presented when having a drink with a girl 7 letters TEAROSE
Cyril’s fancy words 6 letters LYRICS
Threaten people with card 6 letters MENACE
One who accepts carved teak? Right! 5 letters TAKER
President entertaining his country with insulting language 5 letters ABUSE
Help with a wager? 4 letters ABET

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