Best Daily American Crossword September 27 2021 Answers

If you are searching for: Best Daily American Crossword September 27 2021 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Best Daily American Crossword September 27 2021 Answers:

Alaska’s first capital 5 letters SITKA
Taunt 4 letters TWIT
Highlander 4 letters GAEL
Perspiration perforations 5 letters PORES
River from the Bernese Alps 4 letters AARE
Not at all serene 4 letters EDGY
Not suitable 5 letters INAPT
Nappy wearer’s transport 4 letters PRAM
The French Connection cop 4 letters NARC
Rambled on 8 letters NATTERED
Correct 6 letters PROPER
Flags 5 letters TIRES
Where a famous stone was found 7 letters ROSETTA
Double-edged 6 letters IRONIC
Part of some court awards 5 letters COSTS
Baronet’s title 3 letters SIR
Composed 5 letters STAID
Catch a glimpse of 4 letters ESPY
___ on parle francais 3 letters ICI
Heyerdahl raft 7 letters KONTIKI
Choir leader? 3 letters CEE
Deposed leader 4 letters SHAH
Casual cotton 5 letters DENIM
Hem’s partner 3 letters HAW
Biblical bearers 5 letters ASSES
Boundaries 6 letters LIMITS
Ready for romance 7 letters AMOROUS
Teutonic war god 5 letters WOTAN
The ___ of the Shrew 6 letters TAMING
Get ready to ride again 8 letters RESADDLE
Ear-related 4 letters OTIC
Neat as ___ 4 letters APIN
Actress Shire 5 letters TALIA
Mother of Apollo 4 letters LETO
Cleave 4 letters REND
Arab chief 5 letters EMEER
Disoriented 4 letters LOST
Gives in to gravity 4 letters SAGS
Feudal underlings 5 letters SERFS
Revolve 4 letters SPIN
St. Columba’s island 4 letters IONA
Italian restaurant 9 letters TRATTORIA
Repressed 6 letters KEPTIN
Footnote indicator 8 letters ASTERISK
Audio cassettes 5 letters TAPES
Hospital unit 4 letters WARD
George Gershwin’s brother 3 letters IRA
Musical speeds 6 letters TEMPOS
Columbus for one 7 letters GENOESE
Become adjusted 5 letters ADAPT
Long-plumed wader 5 letters EGRET
Stretch material 5 letters LYCRA
Odd-numbered page 5 letters RECTO
Q-U filler 3 letters RST
The Kiss sculptor 5 letters RODIN
Egyptian fertility goddess 4 letters ISIS
Affluent 4 letters RICH
Mentions 5 letters CITES
Alpaca habitat 5 letters ANDES
__’s List 9 letters SCHINDLER
Bog fuel 4 letters PEAT
Decorative evergreens 4 letters YEWS
Converted pounds 5 letters KILOS
Copies 8 letters IMITATES
Bean type 7 letters HARICOT
Michael Douglas to Kirk 3 letters SON
Fructose lactose etc. 6 letters SUGARS
Monsieur’s mate 6 letters MADAME
Coral formation 5 letters ATOLL
San ___ Calif. 5 letters MATEO
Skips 5 letters OMITS
Proceeds on one’s way 5 letters WENDS
Best man’s charge 4 letters RING
Willingly 4 letters LIEF
Auditory equipment 4 letters EARS
Irritant for a princess 3 letters PEA

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