Best Daily American Crossword October 23 2021 Answers

If you are searching for: Best Daily American Crossword October 23 2021 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Best Daily American Crossword October 23 2021 Answers:

Lacked briefly 5 letters HADNT
Dracula author Stoker 4 letters BRAM
Liverpool lockup 4 letters GAOL
Live in a TV studio 5 letters ONAIR
Popular theater name 4 letters ROXY
Monster 4 letters OGRE
Bouquet __ 5 letters GARNI
Shake or break follower 4 letters ALEG
Festive 4 letters GALA
Skittle Players artist 5 letters STEEN
Basie contemporary 9 letters ELLINGTON
Competes 4 letters VIES
Yield 6 letters RELENT
Rapid 6 letters SPEEDY
Nonsense 5 letters BILGE
Purgation 9 letters CATHARSIS
Upholstered couch 4 letters SOFA
GI address 3 letters APO
Poker-faced 7 letters DEADPAN
Used to be 3 letters WAS
Desert Storm vehicle 4 letters TANK
Trigger’s rider 9 letters ROYROGERS
Rich Man Poor Man novelist Shaw 5 letters IRWIN
Police line 6 letters CORDON
Twisted person 6 letters SICKIE
Shocked expression 4 letters OHNO
Checked 9 letters INHIBITED
Trunk 5 letters TORSO
German song 4 letters LIED
Trick 4 letters RUSE
In other words … 5 letters IMEAN
1958 Pulitzer author 4 letters AGEE
Mild oath 4 letters DRAT
Casual cotton 5 letters DENIM
Painful 4 letters SORE
Burden 4 letters ONUS
Wear away 5 letters ERODE
Monopolizes 4 letters HOGS
Med. course 4 letters ANAT
Act of defiance 4 letters DARE
Assyrian capital 7 letters NINEVEH
Island off the coast of Venezuela 8 letters TRINIDAD
Highlands hillsides 5 letters BRAES
Revolve 4 letters ROLL
Skater’s maneuver 4 letters AXEL
1965 Temptations hit 6 letters MYGIRL
Eye protection 7 letters GOGGLES
Playing marble 5 letters AGATE
Synthetic material 5 letters ORLON
Wasn’t upright 5 letters LEANT
Opposite of Pos. 3 letters NEG
Fictional Jane 4 letters EYRE
Shoo! 4 letters SCAT
Sobriquet for Haydn 4 letters PAPA
Shelley’s alma mater 4 letters ETON
Offer a sum for 5 letters BIDON
Kindergarten game 4 letters ISPY
Indian costume 4 letters SARI
Undischarged 4 letters OWED
Western card game 4 letters FARO
Org. 4 letters ASSN
Bow 4 letters ARCH
Midday 8 letters NOONTIDE
Duettist with Elton John 7 letters KIKIDEE
Dog show worker 7 letters GROOMER
Josh 3 letters RIB
Nut 6 letters WEIRDO
__ Marner 5 letters SILAS
English architect Jones 5 letters INIGO
Applaud 5 letters CHEER
Golden Boy playwright 5 letters ODETS
Metamorphose 4 letters TURN
Biblical twin 4 letters ESAU
Nevada city 4 letters RENO
Stated 4 letters SAID
At my expense 4 letters ONME

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