Best Daily American Crossword October 22 2021 Answers

If you are searching for: Best Daily American Crossword October 22 2021 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Best Daily American Crossword October 22 2021 Answers:

Range 5 letters SCOPE
Star of Lyra 4 letters VEGA
Dark purple fruit 4 letters SLOE
Riding costume 5 letters HABIT
Composer Stravinsky 4 letters IGOR
Condition 4 letters TERM
Cain’s eldest 5 letters ENOCH
Swarm 4 letters TEEM
First name in folk 4 letters ARLO
__ Lama 5 letters DALAI
Starch provider 9 letters ARROWROOT
Performs 4 letters DOES
City on Lake Michigan 6 letters RACINE
Peanuts hound 6 letters SNOOPY
Undergrad course 5 letters PSYCH
Continues 9 letters CARRIESON
1978 Village People hit 4 letters YMCA
Tucked away 3 letters ATE
Amaze 7 letters ASTOUND
Water of Cologne 3 letters EAU
Pops’ partners 4 letters MOMS
Some North Africans 9 letters ALGERIANS
Burial places 5 letters TOMBS
Milk curdler 6 letters RENNET
Military command 6 letters ATEASE
Irish novelist O’Brien 4 letters EDNA
Broken to bits 9 letters SHATTERED
Thorax 5 letters CHEST
Cuzco’s country 4 letters PERU
Informed 4 letters TOLD
Snug 5 letters HOMEY
Lazy 4 letters IDLE
La Boheme role 4 letters MIMI
He bugs Bugs 5 letters ELMER
Low islands 4 letters CAYS
Word ending a threat 4 letters ELSE
The Wreck of the Mary __ 5 letters DEARE
Get rid of 4 letters SHED
Biblical marriage feast location 4 letters CANA
Ancient Greek coin 4 letters OBOL
Matador’s assistant 7 letters PICADOR
Modern Abyssinia 8 letters ETHIOPIA
Tennis player Gerulaitis 5 letters VITAS
Elbe tributary 4 letters EGER
Attendee 4 letters GOER
Arsenal 6 letters ARMORY
Stiff and formal 7 letters STARCHY
Vive __! 5 letters LEROI
Synthetic material 5 letters ORLON
Chew the scenery 5 letters EMOTE
Servicewoman briefly 3 letters WAC
They’re protected by lids 4 letters EYES
Fast one 4 letters SCAM
Post-WWII alliance 4 letters NATO
City near Provo 4 letters OREM
Swimming places 5 letters POOLS
Close-fitting 4 letters SNUG
Guess 4 letters STAB
Nasty 4 letters MEAN
Chaplin prop 4 letters CANE
Where NSW is 4 letters AUST
Wonk 4 letters NERD
Soaked 8 letters DRENCHED
Sculptors’ works 7 letters STATUES
Financially compromised 7 letters INAHOLE
East of Essen 3 letters OST
__ in St. Louis 6 letters MEETME
Savory jelly 5 letters ASPIC
Actress Bara 5 letters THEDA
Ahead of time 5 letters EARLY
Martin Crane’s dog 5 letters EDDIE
Agitate 4 letters ROIL
Desire Under the __ 4 letters ELMS
Lady Hamilton 4 letters EMMA
Psychic 4 letters SEER
Phoenician port 4 letters TYRE

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