Best Daily American Crossword October 14 2021 Answers

If you are searching for: Best Daily American Crossword October 14 2021 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Best Daily American Crossword October 14 2021 Answers:

If __ a Hammer 4 letters IHAD
Behold to Pilate 4 letters ECCE
Med lab specimens 5 letters SWABS
Sushi bar drink 4 letters SAKE
Strawberry horse 4 letters ROAN
Vietnam’s capital 5 letters HANOI
Accused 9 letters ARRAIGNED
Academy award 5 letters OSCAR
Left at sea 5 letters APORT
Fairytale heroine 9 letters SNOWWHITE
Fraternize 7 letters CONSORT
Actor Williamson 5 letters NICOL
Habituate 5 letters INURE
Roughed up 6 letters MAULED
Not shut tight 4 letters AJAR
Hawaiian dance 4 letters HULA
Trite 5 letters STALE
Racket 3 letters DIN
Quiver 7 letters TREMBLE
Creek 3 letters RIA
Italian violin maker 5 letters AMATI
Actor Arnaz 4 letters DESI
O’Neal of Love Story 4 letters RYAN
Potato choice 6 letters MASHED
Shortstop Pee Wee 5 letters REESE
Alpine region 5 letters TIROL
Subtle distinctions 7 letters NUANCES
Actress Cate 9 letters BLANCHETT
__ qui peut 5 letters SAUVE
Oise tributary 5 letters AISNE
Cherished 9 letters TREASURED
Film director Jon 5 letters AMIEL
Bound 4 letters TIED
Atlantic fish 4 letters LING
Burdens 5 letters LOADS
Not bad 4 letters SOSO
Carryall 4 letters TOTE
SF writer Asimov 5 letters ISAAC
Arthur Marx 5 letters HARPO
City in Ohio 5 letters AKRON
Letter opener 7 letters DEARSIR
Work unit 3 letters ERG
Interpreted 9 letters CONSTRUED
Normandy city 4 letters CAEN
Conclude with 5 letters ENDON
Display 8 letters SHOWCASE
Absolute flop 7 letters WASHOUT
Subordinate 9 letters ANCILLARY
Craft 4 letters BOAT
Father 4 letters SIRE
Lay __ the line 4 letters ITON
Film director Wenders 3 letters WIM
Essen valley 4 letters RUHR
Animated Fudd 5 letters ELMER
Lamb’s alias 4 letters ELIA
College official 4 letters DEAN
Original sinner 4 letters ADAM
Iwo __ 4 letters JIMA
Noted Bergman role 9 letters ANASTASIA
Missing people 9 letters ABSENTEES
Male hawks 8 letters TIERCELS
Stead 4 letters LIEU
Diluted 7 letters THINNED
French auto 7 letters RENAULT
Homer Simpson exclamation 3 letters DOH
Cheek 4 letters SASS
Riga residents 5 letters LETTS
Objet d’art 5 letters CURIO
Happening 5 letters EVENT
Rushlike plant 5 letters SEDGE
Canaanite deity 4 letters BAAL
Chauffeur-driven vehicle 4 letters LIMO
Threesome 4 letters TRIO
Bother 3 letters ADO

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