Best Daily American Crossword November 28 2022 Answers

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Best Daily American Crossword November 28 2022 Answers:

Neighbor of Nigeria 4 letters CHAD
Hogs 4 letters PIGS
Celebratory meal 5 letters FEAST
Brat Pack actor Rob 4 letters LOWE
Pesky insect 4 letters GNAT
Right prefix 5 letters ORTHO
Oscar-winning role for Ingrid Bergman 9 letters ANASTASIA
Don 5 letters PUTON
Harder to find 5 letters RARER
Black 4 letters INKY
Moist 4 letters DEWY
Human-seeming robot 7 letters ANDROID
Booth in the theater 5 letters EDWIN
Clamped securely 5 letters VISED
Some exercises 6 letters SITUPS
Bond 4 letters GLUE
Weaving-frame 4 letters LOOM
Positive Thinking proponent 5 letters PEALE
Trim 3 letters LOP
Bring together again 7 letters REUNITE
Large cask 3 letters TUN
Decree 5 letters UKASE
Sandwich filler 4 letters TUNA
Occident 4 letters WEST
Cut into small pieces 6 letters MINCED
Supercharger 5 letters TURBO
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice composer 5 letters DUKAS
The Faerie Queen poet 7 letters SPENSER
Fizzless 4 letters FLAT
Pear variety 4 letters BOSC
Dancer Astaire 5 letters ADELE
Numbers game 5 letters LOTTO
Included 9 letters COUNTEDIN
Swan Lake maiden 5 letters ODILE
Wife of Siva 4 letters KALI
Unmannerly 4 letters RUDE
Dwindle 5 letters PETER
Wicker basket 4 letters SKEP
Fish-eating duck 4 letters SMEW
Bow on the screen 5 letters CLARA
Silk fabric 5 letters HONAN
Prize 5 letters AWARD
Merit 7 letters DESERVE
Nicklaus’s org. 3 letters PGA
Reversed 9 letters INSIDEOUT
Profit 4 letters GAIN
Plant support 5 letters STAKE
Popinjay 3 letters FOP
Learned 7 letters ERUDITE
Water down 9 letters ATTENUATE
Exhibition 4 letters SHOW
Britain’s Blair 4 letters TONY
Captain Picard’s counselor 4 letters TROI
Gridiron gains: Abbr. 3 letters YDS
Skye for one 4 letters ISLE
Film-editing effect 4 letters WIPE
Coffee break snack 5 letters DONUT
Asset 4 letters PLUS
Shipped 4 letters SENT
Down in the dumps 4 letters GLUM
Norse god of mischief 4 letters LOKI
Call to action 9 letters UPANDATIT
Very small 9 letters MINUSCULE
Unpleasant smell 4 letters REEK
Canvas cover 4 letters TARP
Coal holder 7 letters SCUTTLE
Marvels 7 letters WONDERS
Light stroke 3 letters DAB
Lick 4 letters BEAT
Punches 5 letters SOCKS
Stonecrop 5 letters SEDUM
Skip over 5 letters ELIDE
Begin again 5 letters RENEW
Hit’s opposite 4 letters FLOP
Rich vein 4 letters LODE
Drench 4 letters SOAK
Not ‘neath 3 letters OER
Tuck’s partner 3 letters NIP

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