Best Daily American Crossword May 9 2021 Answers

If you are searching for: Best Daily American Crossword May 9 2021 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Best Daily American Crossword May 9 2021 Answers:

Medieval helmet 5 letters ARMET
Adriatic and Aegean 4 letters SEAS
Greek letters 4 letters CHIS
France’s longest river 5 letters LOIRE
Sheltered inlet 4 letters COVE
Mrs. Charles Chaplin 4 letters OONA
Psycho setting 5 letters MOTEL
Region of Saudi Arabia 4 letters ASIR
The Swedish Nightingale 4 letters LIND
Astral 7 letters STELLAR
Old maid? 7 letters DAMOSEL
Get-up-and-go 5 letters OOMPH
Baker’s specialty 6 letters PASTRY
Actress Durbin 6 letters DEANNA
Big tournaments 5 letters OPENS
Burglar 4 letters YEGG
Hell ___ no fury… 4 letters HATH
Figure skating? 5 letters EIGHT
Compass heading 3 letters ENE
Hindu retreats 7 letters ASHRAMS
Flying Down to __ 3 letters RIO
Pancake topper 5 letters SYRUP
Detective played by Lorre 4 letters MOTO
Buffalo Bill 4 letters CODY
Cupidity 5 letters GREED
Speechifies 6 letters ORATES
Golden Delicious and others 6 letters APPLES
Clip joint? 5 letters SALON
Believers 7 letters THEISTS
Malaysian seaport 7 letters MALACCA
Pulled apart 4 letters TORE
It can’t be! 4 letters OHNO
___ in the Dark 5 letters ASHOT
Calligrapher’s supply 4 letters INKS
Slapstick ammo 4 letters PIES
Bikini experiment for short 5 letters NTEST
___ la vie! 4 letters CEST
Blemish 4 letters SPOT
Mack the Knife singer 5 letters DARIN
Charitable donations 4 letters ALMS
Dig like a pig 4 letters ROOT
Tiny arachnid 4 letters MITE
By and by 7 letters ERELONG
Blab about 6 letters TELLON
Line of cliffs 5 letters SCARP
Dawn deity 3 letters EOS
Fanatical 4 letters AVID
Poncho relative 6 letters SERAPE
Gigantic statues 7 letters COLOSSI
Elevate in a way 5 letters HOIST
Sanctum or circle preceder 5 letters INNER
With regret 5 letters SADLY
Asian nannies 5 letters AMAHS
Crowning glories 5 letters MANES
Some racers 7 letters HOTRODS
Henna and others 4 letters DYES
Counting-out starter 4 letters EENY
Ain’t She Sweet? composer 4 letters AGER
Hip-hopper’s cool 4 letters PHAT
Self-pitying words 4 letters AHME
Cavern in poetry 4 letters GROT
Camouflage 4 letters HIDE
Dolls tops etc. 4 letters TOYS
___ moi … 5 letters APRES
Gelt 5 letters MOOLA
Most unsightly 7 letters UGLIEST
Rummy variation 7 letters CANASTA
Impedes legally 6 letters ESTOPS
Hero of early French ballads 6 letters ROLAND
Cobweb site 5 letters ATTIC
Make a call 5 letters PHONE
Exec’s extras 5 letters PERKS
It’s ___ Unusual Day 5 letters AMOST
Deliver 4 letters SHIP
Believe singer 4 letters CHER
___ fan tutte 4 letters COSI
Memo starter: Abbr. 4 letters ATTN
New beginning 3 letters NEO

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