Best Daily American Crossword May 17 2023 Answers

If you are searching for: Best Daily American Crossword May 17 2023 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Best Daily American Crossword May 17 2023 Answers:

Studio sound equipment 5 letters BOOMS
Ready for surgery 4 letters PREP
Canned meat 4 letters SPAM
Established rule 5 letters AXIOM
Andes capital 4 letters LIMA
Lamarr of Hollywood 4 letters HEDY
Oklahoma city 5 letters TULSA
Heaps and heaps 4 letters ATON
Bring down the house? 4 letters RAZE
Snowball 8 letters ESCALATE
Salt e.g. 6 letters DEICER
Margaret Thatcher’s middle name 5 letters HILDA
Sign of irritation 7 letters REDNESS
Fixed firmly 6 letters BRACED
A mummy may have one perhaps 5 letters CURSE
Dusk to Donne 3 letters EEN
Alternative to a convertible 5 letters SEDAN
Down the tubes 4 letters SHOT
Film director ___ Lee 3 letters ANG
Gulliver’s exploits 7 letters TRAVELS
Tic-tac-toe failure 3 letters OXO
Bubbly name 4 letters MOET
Convene again 5 letters RESIT
Braveheart star Gibson 3 letters MEL
Court cloaks 5 letters ROBES
What many villains come to 6 letters BADEND
Amusement park features 7 letters ARCADES
Demeter to Romans 5 letters CERES
Conviction 6 letters BELIEF
Faux pas 8 letters SOLECISM
Per item 4 letters APOP
Change one’s story? 4 letters EDIT
December drop-in 5 letters SANTA
Neill and Nunn 4 letters SAMS
Clair de ___ 4 letters LUNE
Court call 5 letters ADOUT
Ballyhoo 4 letters HYPE
Captain Kirk’s records 4 letters LOGS
Cares for 5 letters TENDS
Diminish 4 letters BATE
Asian river 4 letters OXUS
Simple garage job 9 letters OILCHANGE
Pattern of tesserae 6 letters MOSAIC
Least 8 letters SMALLEST
Rio de la __ 5 letters PLATA
Ceremonial act 4 letters RITE
First name in zany comedy 3 letters EMO
Cater basely 6 letters PANDER
Holy places 7 letters SHRINES
Dove’s goal 5 letters PEACE
Woodworking tools 5 letters ADZES
Austin Powers portrayer 5 letters MYERS
Venomous snake 5 letters ADDER
Mag. employees 3 letters EDS
Ancient inscriptions 5 letters RUNES
Bit of moonlight 4 letters BEAM
Casino city 4 letters RENO
Stalactite sites 5 letters CAVES
Schoolyard challenges 5 letters DARES
Pinpoints 9 letters HOMESINON
Bovine beasts of burden 4 letters OXEN
Divulged 4 letters TOLD
Actionable statement 5 letters LIBEL
Eyes 8 letters STARESAT
Gad about 7 letters TRAIPSE
To Autumn e.g. 3 letters ODE
Came about 6 letters BEFELL
The ’90s for one 6 letters DECADE
Disconcert 5 letters ABASH
Clear a debt 5 letters REPAY
Walk noisily 5 letters CLOMP
Pigeon homes 5 letters COTES
Croon 4 letters SING
It may be ear-piercing 4 letters STUD
Welcome sights 4 letters MATS
Batman and Robin e.g. 3 letters DUO

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