Best Daily American Crossword May 16 2023 Answers

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Best Daily American Crossword May 16 2023 Answers:

Creates 5 letters MAKES
Fireplace projections 4 letters HOBS
German coal region 4 letters SAAR
Beethoven’s Für ___ 5 letters ELISE
Teen fave 4 letters IDOL
Pakistani language 4 letters URDU
Having a lot to lose? 5 letters OBESE
And Then There Were ___ 4 letters NONE
Sgts. and cpls. 4 letters NCOS
Vacillated 7 letters WAVERED
Sullivan collaborator 7 letters GILBERT
Connection 5 letters NEXUS
Some sparklers 6 letters GEODES
Block 6 letters IMPEDE
Humbug! 5 letters PSHAW
Greek letters 4 letters TAUS
Army food 4 letters CHOW
Ruses 5 letters PLOYS
To ___ is human … 3 letters ERR
Russian reactionary 7 letters TSARIST
Dye container 3 letters VAT
Skirmish 5 letters MELEE
___-bitty 4 letters ITTY
Composer Styne 4 letters JULE
Canal craft 5 letters BARGE
Obtain through effort 6 letters DRUMUP
Buddhist enlightenment 6 letters SATORI
Salivate 5 letters DROOL
… and the ___ defeat 7 letters AGONYOF
Looked for 7 letters AWAITED
Dry riverbed 4 letters WADI
Burrito alternative 4 letters TACO
Where the cows come home 5 letters DAIRY
Momo author Michael 4 letters ENDE
Biblical barterer 4 letters ESAU
Nonprotruding navel 5 letters INNIE
___ of Our Lives 4 letters DAYS
Barbie for example 4 letters DOLL
Peter Peter Pumpkin ___ 5 letters EATER
Catty comment 4 letters MEOW
Goya’s The Duchess of ___ 4 letters ALBA
Capital of Ukraine 4 letters KIEV
Qumran inhabitants 7 letters ESSENES
Be infuriated 6 letters SEERED
One who prays to Vishnu 5 letters HINDU
Deep Space Nine character 3 letters ODO
Deep bell sound 4 letters BONG
Toy holder? 6 letters SLEIGH
Annual El Paso event 7 letters SUNBOWL
Curved 5 letters ARCED
Venerate 5 letters ADORE
Oxidizes 5 letters RUSTS
Company hotshots 5 letters EXECS
Bounded 5 letters LEAPT
Wore 7 letters SPORTED
Bit of news 4 letters ITEM
Mature filly 4 letters MARE
Knitting stitch 4 letters PURL
M*A*S*H actress Loretta 4 letters SWIT
Reagan Secretary of State 4 letters HAIG
Egg cell 4 letters OVUM
Korean border river 4 letters YALU
Big first for a baby 4 letters STEP
All choked up 5 letters TEARY
Actor Max von ___ 5 letters SYDOW
Some piano keys 7 letters EBONIES
Dutch queen 7 letters JULIANA
Went mad 6 letters RIOTED
Band aide 6 letters ROADIE
Cut wood 5 letters SAWED
Capital of Guam 5 letters AGANA
Hot alcoholic drink 5 letters TODDY
Artist Dufy 5 letters RAOUL
Burkina ___ 4 letters FASO
Clairol choice 4 letters TINT
Buffalo’s lake 4 letters ERIE
Fabric worker 4 letters DYER
Pres. Coolidge 3 letters CAL

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