Best Daily American Crossword May 15 2023 Answers

If you are searching for: Best Daily American Crossword May 15 2023 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Best Daily American Crossword May 15 2023 Answers:

Beta follower 5 letters GAMMA
Sticks around a stake 4 letters PYRE
Bounding site? 4 letters MAIN
Bypass 5 letters AVOID
Endless years 4 letters AEON
Arsenal stock 4 letters AMMO
As such 5 letters PERSE
Wilde’s The Ballad of Reading ___ 4 letters GAOL
Alpine elevator 4 letters TBAR
Great Expectations girl 7 letters ESTELLA
High degree 7 letters MASTERS
French satellite launcher 6 letters ARIANE
My ___ Amour 6 letters CHERIE
Raring to go 6 letters ALLSET
Clip 5 letters SHEAR
Commuter vehicle 3 letters BUS
Small reddish monkey 4 letters TITI
Earthenware from Holland 5 letters DELFT
Ouzo flavoring 7 letters ANISEED
More disreputable 7 letters SEEDIER
Trite 5 letters BANAL
Friends actress Kudrow 4 letters LISA
Compass reading 3 letters NNE
Outmoded copier 5 letters MIMEO
Polluted in a way 6 letters SMOGGY
Awoke 6 letters CAMETO
New Orleans cuisine 6 letters CREOLE
Finished 7 letters ATANEND
Beau 7 letters ADMIRER
Classification 4 letters TYPE
Amazon valley people 4 letters TUPI
1996 Madonna role 5 letters EVITA
Army offs. 4 letters COLS
Dost own 4 letters HAST
Beethoven’s Choral Symphony 5 letters NINTH
Lemon and lime e.g. 4 letters HUES
Aperture 4 letters SLIT
Lisbon’s river 5 letters TAGUS
Drop one’s jaw 4 letters GAPE
Birds to biologists 4 letters AVES
Subject for St. Thomas Aquinas 9 letters MORTALSIN
Penny pinchers 6 letters MISERS
Antarctica’s ___ Coast 6 letters ADELIE
Heathen 5 letters PAGAN
Pro vote 3 letters YEA
Board’s partner 4 letters ROOM
Intertwine 6 letters ENLACE
Was important 8 letters MATTERED
Fossil resin 5 letters AMBER
Elaborate Japanese porcelain 5 letters IMARI
Like Vikings 5 letters NORSE
Cappuccino cousin 5 letters LATTE
Ghost 5 letters SHADE
Superlative suffix 3 letters EST
Basic rhyme scheme 4 letters ABAB
Moon goddess 4 letters LUNA
Blow off steam? 4 letters HISS
Aimless 4 letters IDLE
Not transitory 9 letters LINGERING
___ Shui 4 letters FENG
Deuce beater 4 letters TREY
Lack of variety 8 letters SAMENESS
Best of the best 5 letters ELITE
Abated 5 letters EASED
Important sports org. 3 letters IOC
Calendar pages 6 letters MONTHS
Brief time 6 letters MOMENT
Singer Newton-John 6 letters OLIVIA
Capture 5 letters CATCH
Here’s looking ___! 5 letters ATYOU
Sap source 5 letters MAPLE
Country singer Bonnie 5 letters RAITT
In two parts 4 letters DUAL
__ Brute! 4 letters ETTU
Cheerleaders’ cheers 4 letters RAHS
___ Love You (Beatles tune) 3 letters PSI

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