Best Daily American Crossword May 14 2023 Answers

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Best Daily American Crossword May 14 2023 Answers:

Ad ___ per aspera (Kansas motto) 5 letters ASTRA
Ancient Greek coin 4 letters OBOL
Taxi passenger 4 letters FARE
Showed disapproval in a way 5 letters BOOED
Big bash 4 letters GALA
Middle East sultanate 4 letters OMAN
Garlic segment 5 letters CLOVE
Mild cheese 4 letters EDAM
Sitar-playing Shankar 4 letters RAVI
Peaceful coexistence 7 letters DETENTE
Like cut diamonds 7 letters FACETED
Barnyard perch 5 letters ROOST
Plastics ingredients 6 letters RESINS
Enjoys home cooking 6 letters EATSIN
Guitar Town singer Steve 5 letters EARLE
Traffic stopper? 9 letters SPEEDTRAP
Argument 5 letters SETTO
Sun follower? 3 letters MON
Desert rest stop 5 letters OASIS
Knock one’s socks off 3 letters WOW
Classic Icelandic poetry 5 letters EDDAS
Roman emperor after Otho 9 letters VESPASIAN
Hologram creator 5 letters LASER
Revises 6 letters EMENDS
Pampered to a fault 6 letters SPOILT
Picasso’s homeland 5 letters SPAIN
Makes bubbly 7 letters AERATES
Formal speech 7 letters ORATION
Applies lightly 4 letters DABS
Crazy 4 letters NUTS
Drum played with the hands 5 letters BONGO
___ Baby (Hair song) 4 letters ABIE
Detective’s quest 4 letters CLUE
Filthy money 5 letters LUCRE
Kindergarteners 4 letters TOTS
Cores 4 letters HUBS
Singer Merman 5 letters ETHEL
Alphabetical start 4 letters ABCD
Flounder’s cousin 4 letters SOLE
Choo-choo’s sound 4 letters TOOT
Go backward 7 letters REVERSE
It’s above the tonsil 7 letters ADENOID
Curved arches 5 letters OGEES
Harmful 3 letters BAD
Name of five Norwegian kings 4 letters OLAF
Hollywood’s Hedy 6 letters LAMARR
Divine 7 letters FORESEE
Cremona violin-maker 5 letters AMATI
Harsh-voiced bird 5 letters RAVEN
Bagnold and Blyton 5 letters ENIDS
Lone Ranger’s sidekick 5 letters TONTO
Cartoon frames 4 letters CELS
Flirts 7 letters TEASERS
Salinger title character 4 letters ESME
Like peas in ___ 4 letters APOD
Care for 4 letters TEND
Sacred bull of Egypt 4 letters APIS
All-night party 4 letters RAVE
Exact match 4 letters TWIN
The Wind in the Willows character 4 letters TOAD
Has 4 letters OWNS
Bit of asparagus 5 letters SPEAR
Smith and Jones often 7 letters ALIASES
Common condiment 4 letters SALT
Friendly 7 letters AMIABLE
Issued 7 letters SENTOUT
Horrid smell 6 letters STENCH
1978 Peace Prize winner 5 letters SADAT
Singer Bryson 5 letters PEABO
Planet’s path 5 letters ORBIT
Sits for snaps 5 letters POSES
Enterprise helmsman 4 letters SULU
Rainfall measurement 4 letters INCH
Fee fi fo fum caller 4 letters OGRE
December song 4 letters NOEL
Dilapidated boat 3 letters TUB

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