Best Daily American Crossword May 13 2023 Answers

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Best Daily American Crossword May 13 2023 Answers:

Buckets 5 letters PAILS
Puts two and two together 4 letters ADDS
Assuming that’s true … 4 letters IFSO
Life of ___ (ease) 5 letters RILEY
The first Mrs. Copperfield 4 letters DORA
Flaky mineral 4 letters MICA
Lightweight synthetic 5 letters ORLON
Be a gadabout 4 letters ROAM
Conspiracy 4 letters PLOT
Heart contraction 7 letters SYSTOLE
Part of TNT 7 letters TOLUENE
Don of Get Smart 5 letters ADAMS
Electrician’s alloy 6 letters SOLDER
Craving 6 letters THIRST
Milky gems 5 letters OPALS
Round of applause 4 letters HAND
Can you dig it? 4 letters HOLE
Boxing blows 5 letters LEFTS
Last mo. 3 letters ULT
Fits in 7 letters BELONGS
Cry of surprise 3 letters OHO
Graph measure 5 letters SLOPE
Flintstones pet 4 letters DINO
Brushoff 4 letters SNUB
Frees from pressure 5 letters EASES
Lowly worker 6 letters DRUDGE
Arose 6 letters CAMEUP
Old German coin 5 letters TALER
Scrubbed 7 letters ABORTED
Hardly Pollyanna-ish 7 letters CYNICAL
Writes hurriedly 4 letters JOTS
Bind with rope 4 letters LASH
Winning margin 5 letters ANOSE
Eye membrane 4 letters UVEA
Be fond of 4 letters LIKE
Morning in Montmartre 5 letters MATIN
Egg holder 4 letters NEST
Skidded 4 letters SLID
Do editing 5 letters EMEND
Old hands 4 letters PROS
Breezy 4 letters AIRY
Misfortunes 4 letters ILLS
Circus performer’s garb 7 letters LEOTARD
Church councils 6 letters SYNODS
Relevant in law 5 letters ADREM
Yabba dabba ___! 3 letters DOO
Curses! 4 letters DRAT
Filled Indian pastry 6 letters SAMOSA
Action stimulus 7 letters IMPULSE
Rounded the edges of 5 letters FILED
Treat with tea 5 letters SCONE
Horse opera 5 letters OATER
Shaping machine 5 letters LATHE
Does nothing 5 letters LOLLS
Featured player 7 letters SOLOIST
As a result 4 letters THUS
Place for a lecture 4 letters HALL
Long Day’s Journey ___ Night 4 letters INTO
Actor Sean 4 letters PENN
Ye follower sometimes 4 letters OLDE
Affectionate 4 letters FOND
Hoodlum 4 letters THUG
___ it (amen) 4 letters SOBE
Doozie 5 letters BEAUT
Pious 5 letters GODLY
Eyes in a way 7 letters PEERSAT
Paramaribo is its capital 7 letters SURINAM
Incantations 6 letters SPELLS
Give a new title to 6 letters RENAME
New Orleans cooking style 5 letters CAJUN
On high 5 letters ABOVE
Dust specks 5 letters MOTES
Felt sore 5 letters ACHED
Irish legislature 4 letters DAIL
Dove’s domicile 4 letters COTE
It’s ___ to Tell a Lie 4 letters ASIN
Give for a bit 4 letters LEND
Compete in a slalom 3 letters SKI

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