Best Daily American Crossword May 12 2023 Answers

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Best Daily American Crossword May 12 2023 Answers:

Walking sticks 5 letters CANES
Venerable writer 4 letters BEDE
Elliot of the Mamas and the Papas 4 letters CASS
Slack-jawed 5 letters AGAPE
Calling company 4 letters AVON
Algeria’s second largest city 4 letters ORAN
German sausage 5 letters WURST
Bad impression? 4 letters DENT
Delightful 4 letters NICE
Frasier setting 7 letters SEATTLE
Mosaic piece 7 letters TESSERA
African antelope 5 letters ELAND
Elevated 6 letters RAISED
More agile 6 letters SPRIER
Musical pauses 5 letters RESTS
A little lamb 4 letters LOIN
Big name in plastic 4 letters VISA
In any respect 5 letters ATALL
Hand holder 3 letters ARM
Not now 7 letters LATERON
Affliction 3 letters WOE
Birds in a gaggle 5 letters GEESE
Stars 4 letters SUNS
Dejected 4 letters GLUM
17th-century diarist 5 letters PEPYS
Family symbols 6 letters CRESTS
Capital of Lesotho 6 letters MASERU
Country gallant 5 letters SWAIN
Affirms 7 letters ATTESTS
As in the lab 7 letters ARSENIC
Be in front 4 letters LEAD
Fish esteemed for roe 4 letters SHAD
Fear of Flying writer Jong 5 letters ERICA
Curtain material 4 letters LACE
Ice-cream holder 4 letters CONE
Garden tools 5 letters RAKES
Mideast potentate 4 letters EMIR
Frost 4 letters HOAR
It’s shown on a projector 5 letters SLIDE
Crow calls 4 letters CAWS
Feverish chill 4 letters AGUE
Former Japanese capital 4 letters NARA
English sculptor Sir Jacob 7 letters EPSTEIN
Agree out of court 6 letters SETTLE
German spa city 5 letters BADEN
Paradise Lost character 3 letters EVE
Admonishing word 4 letters DONT
Goes on stage 6 letters ENTERS
Be composed (of) 7 letters CONSIST
Astrological ram 5 letters ARIES
___ bleu! 5 letters SACRE
Slammin’ Sammy 5 letters SNEAD
Caterpillar or grub 5 letters LARVA
Lucifer 5 letters SATAN
The Cat in the Hat writer 7 letters DRSEUSS
Coal furnace waste 4 letters SLAG
Breathing space? 4 letters PORE
The ___ of the Ancient Mariner 4 letters RIME
Accrue interest 4 letters EARN
Bitsy beginning 4 letters ITSY
Cobbler’s tools 4 letters AWLS
Ill-mannered one 4 letters LOUT
Moon vehicles 4 letters LEMS
Lascivious looks 5 letters LEERS
Academy award 5 letters OSCAR
One over the limit 7 letters SPEEDER
Across-the-board 7 letters GENERAL
Sudden uprising 6 letters PUTSCH
Stair parts 6 letters RISERS
Atlantic City director 5 letters MALLE
80s prime-time soldiers of fortune 5 letters ATEAM
My Two Dads actress Keanan 5 letters STACI
Angler’s boot 5 letters WADER
Begone! 4 letters SHOO
Motor racing’s Lauda 4 letters NIKI
Like summer tea 4 letters ICED
Job for Holmes 4 letters CASE
Anecdote collection 3 letters ANA

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