Best Daily American Crossword June 29 2022 Answers

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Best Daily American Crossword June 29 2022 Answers:

Chore 4 letters TASK
Fieldsian expletive 4 letters DRAT
Carved monument 5 letters STELE
Flay 9 letters EXCORIATE
Printer refill 5 letters TONER
Smooth and white 9 letters ALABASTER
Biblical witch’s home 5 letters ENDOR
Keepsake 7 letters MEMENTO
Borders 7 letters MARGINS
Win over 10 letters CONCILIATE
Mariner 6 letters SAILOR
Web language 4 letters HTML
Flip 6 letters INVERT
Investigation 8 letters RESEARCH
Measure of speed 4 letters KNOT
Not neg. 3 letters POS
___ Alto 4 letters PALO
Equestrian 8 letters HORSEMAN
Pen 6 letters PRISON
Agra attire 4 letters SARI
Emissary 6 letters LEGATE
Blueblood 10 letters ARISTOCRAT
Go on 7 letters PROCEED
Galvanize 7 letters ANIMATE
Built-up 5 letters URBAN
Among other things 9 letters INTERALIA
Pine Tree State 5 letters MAINE
1992 Whoopi Goldberg movie 9 letters SISTERACT
Bee and Em 5 letters AUNTS
New Mexico resort 4 letters TAOS
Calligrapher’s supply 4 letters INKS
Squad 4 letters TEAM
Wagon part 4 letters AXLE
Grifter’s ploy 4 letters SCAM
Honshu seaport 4 letters KOBE
Misrepresent 7 letters DISTORT
Boca __ 5 letters RATON
Broke a fast 3 letters ATE
Destructive insects 8 letters TERMITES
Unproductive 7 letters STERILE
Friendly Islands 5 letters TONGA
Break up 5 letters ENDIT
A Fistful of Dollars director 5 letters LEONE
Gets it wrong 4 letters ERRS
Resentment 6 letters RANCOR
Charitable donations 4 letters ALMS
Persistent 7 letters CHRONIC
Punjabi believer 4 letters SIKH
___ Domini 4 letters ANNO
Actor-songwriter Novello 4 letters IVOR
Shall we? response 4 letters LETS
___ in a poke 4 letters APIG
Tabula ___ 4 letters RASA
Coagulate 4 letters CLOT
Sharpen 4 letters HONE
One taking off 8 letters PARODIST
Ancient ascetics 7 letters ESSENES
Chess conclusion 4 letters MATE
Orbiting bodies 7 letters PLANETS
Bow out 6 letters RETIRE
Concert pianist Claudio 5 letters ARRAU
Red-breasted bird 5 letters ROBIN
___ Help Myself (Four Tops hit) 5 letters ICANT
Hoffman’s Midnight Cowboy role 5 letters RATSO
Mountain lion 4 letters PUMA
French husband 4 letters MARI
Playwright Ayckbourn 4 letters ALAN
Check mark 4 letters TICK
Chows down 4 letters EATS
Actress Peeples 3 letters NIA

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