Best Daily American Crossword June 27 2022 Answers

If you are searching for: Best Daily American Crossword June 27 2022 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Best Daily American Crossword June 27 2022 Answers:

Get-ready work 4 letters PREP
Stirring tales 5 letters SAGAS
Divulge a secret 4 letters BLAB
Nebraska neighbor 4 letters IOWA
Biblical gift 5 letters MYRRH
Othello villain 4 letters IAGO
San Juan is its capital 10 letters PUERTORICO
Burgeoned 4 letters GREW
Go fast 6 letters STREAK
Models of excellence 8 letters PARAGONS
Christmas song 4 letters NOEL
Flaw 6 letters DEFECT
Lowdown 5 letters FACTS
Baloney 7 letters EYEWASH
Art medium 4 letters OILS
Era 3 letters AGE
Bear witness 6 letters ATTEST
Cytoplasm material 3 letters RNA
Blast furnace input 7 letters IRONORE
Virgo’s predecessor 3 letters LEO
Ruminating 6 letters MUSING
Smidgen 3 letters TAD
Potter’s material 4 letters CLAY
Fall guys 7 letters STOOGES
Afrikaners 5 letters BOERS
Brown pigment 6 letters SIENNA
God of thunder 4 letters THOR
Diminish 8 letters DECREASE
Outmoded 6 letters OLDHAT
Samoan capital 4 letters APIA
The Name of the Rose author 10 letters UMBERTOECO
Haze 4 letters MIST
Biblical weeds 5 letters TARES
Thai currency 4 letters BAHT
Crown of the head 4 letters PATE
Sound asleep? 5 letters SNORE
Choir part 4 letters ALTO
Domino spots 4 letters PIPS
Overwhelming defeat 4 letters ROUT
Ablutionary vessel 4 letters EWER
Mom and Pop 7 letters PARENTS
Fire indicator 5 letters SMOKE
Scottish seaport 3 letters AYR
Film crew member 4 letters GRIP
Coin-op place 6 letters ARCADE
Toward land 9 letters SHOREWARD
Most important 7 letters BIGGEST
Seaport on the Bay of Biscay 10 letters LAROCHELLE
FBI employee 5 letters AGENT
Fiddlesticks? 4 letters BOWS
New Mexico resort 4 letters TAOS
___ worse than death 5 letters AFATE
Construction toy 4 letters LEGO
Shape 4 letters FORM
Hokkaido native 4 letters AINU
Latin lover perhaps? 10 letters CLASSICIST
Fiddler on the Roof matchmaker 5 letters YENTE
Fleece seekers 9 letters ARGONAUTS
Char 4 letters SEAR
Santa’s sackful 4 letters TOYS
___ fell swoop 5 letters INONE
Drying kiln 4 letters OAST
Repeat 7 letters ITERATE
Monetary unit of Nicaragua 7 letters CORDOBA
Meter reader 6 letters GASMAN
Cloth unit 4 letters BOLT
Brownish photo tint 5 letters SEPIA
Neigh sayer 5 letters HORSE
Moist 4 letters DAMP
River of Spain 4 letters EBRO
Cure 4 letters HEAL
Eight in Essen 4 letters ACHT
Baum canine 4 letters TOTO
Always in verse 3 letters EER

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