Best Daily American Crossword July 27 2021 Answers

If you are searching for: Best Daily American Crossword July 27 2021 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Best Daily American Crossword July 27 2021 Answers:

Leg part 4 letters SHIN
Military student 5 letters CADET
Corn holder 4 letters CRIB
Domesticated 4 letters TAME
Old manuscript marks 5 letters OBELI
Women and Love author 4 letters HITE
Goals 4 letters AIMS
Money sent 10 letters REMITTANCE
Cauliflower relative 8 letters BROCCOLI
Chicken portions 6 letters THIGHS
Steak ___ 5 letters DIANE
Briny septet 4 letters SEAS
LP holder 6 letters SLEEVE
Laughs hysterically 7 letters SHRIEKS
Breadwinner 6 letters EARNER
Soviet news agency 4 letters TASS
Electrical unit 3 letters OHM
Third in a Latin recital 4 letters AMAT
Spring month 3 letters MAY
Skirt panel 4 letters GORE
Bumped into 3 letters MET
Animal with antlers 4 letters STAG
Arouse 6 letters AWAKEN
Exudation 7 letters SEEPAGE
Wanderers 6 letters NOMADS
Not all 4 letters SOME
Mountain in Genesis 5 letters HOREB
Portable PC 6 letters LAPTOP
Nice work if you can get it 8 letters SINECURE
Composure 10 letters EQUANIMITY
Gemsbok 4 letters ORYX
Unorthodox religion 4 letters CULT
Rebound shot 5 letters CAROM
Farm yield 4 letters CROP
Enjoying good health 4 letters HALE
Begins the bidding 5 letters OPENS
Mount ___ (Minnesota ski resort) 4 letters KATO
Run through 4 letters STAB
Locks 4 letters HAIR
Excessive 10 letters IMMODERATE
Ignorant 8 letters NESCIENT
Medical inquirer 7 letters CORONER
Poplar variety 5 letters ABELE
Fractional prefix 4 letters DEMI
Biblical priest 3 letters ELI
Snickers 7 letters TITTERS
___ longue 6 letters CHAISE
Band 4 letters RING
Dermatologist’s concern 4 letters ITCH
Apiary residents 4 letters BEES
Bangkok citizens 5 letters THAIS
Spelunker’s spot 4 letters CAVE
Old-fashioned conveyance 4 letters SHAY
Coal stratum 4 letters SEAM
Disables 5 letters LAMES
Actor’s milieu 5 letters STAGE
Laughing jackass 10 letters KOOKABURRA
Destroy documents 5 letters SHRED
Department store department 4 letters MENS
Wizard 4 letters MAGE
Fighting bird 8 letters GAMECOCK
Soup utensil 5 letters SPOON
Port in Mexico 7 letters TAMPICO
Assumed names 7 letters ANONYMS
Had on 4 letters WORE
Executor’s concern 6 letters ESTATE
Discover by chance 5 letters HITON
Poland’s Walesa 4 letters LECH
___ fortis (nitric acid) 4 letters AQUA
Tow 4 letters PULL
Part of an equine pedigree 4 letters SIRE
Indian peasant 4 letters RYOT
Big showcase 4 letters EXPO
Atlas item 3 letters MAP

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