Best Daily American Crossword January 14 2021 Answers

If you are searching for: Best Daily American Crossword January 14 2021 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Best Daily American Crossword January 14 2021 Answers:

Moolah 5 letters BREAD
Galileo’s birthplace 4 letters PISA
Heads of hair 4 letters MOPS
Grating 5 letters RASPY
Ain’t She Sweet? composer 4 letters AGER
Abba of Israel 4 letters EBAN
Rockies resort 5 letters ASPEN
The Man Who Fell To Earth director 4 letters ROEG
Fatigue 4 letters TIRE
Jim Carrey film 7 letters THEMASK
Gandhi title 7 letters MAHATMA
Rogue 6 letters RASCAL
Ran out 6 letters LAPSED
Makeshift shed 6 letters LEANTO
If only! 5 letters IWISH
Barley beard 3 letters AWN
Broad bean 4 letters FAVA
Japanese shrine gateway 5 letters TORII
Arizona attraction 15 letters PETRIFIEDFOREST
Introduction 5 letters PROEM
Film genre 4 letters NOIR
Movie 3 letters PIC
The Taming of the Shrew locale 5 letters PADUA
Tangle up 6 letters ENMESH
Take for granted 6 letters ASSUME
Asian language 6 letters KOREAN
Lands 7 letters REELSIN
Spellbind 7 letters BEWITCH
Is indebted to 4 letters OWES
Be dejected 4 letters MOPE
Author Calvino 5 letters ITALO
Unspoken 4 letters MUTE
Mountain on the Gulf of Salonika 4 letters OSSA
Not so crazy 5 letters SANER
Like peas in __ 4 letters APOD
Third son of Adam 4 letters SETH
Arrive at as a solution 5 letters HITON
Spoiled child 4 letters BRAT
Hasty 4 letters RASH
Artificial language 9 letters ESPERANTO
Primitive fellow 6 letters APEMAN
Hereditary ruler 6 letters DYNAST
Cold weather wear 5 letters PARKA
Billy Joel’s __ to Extremes 3 letters IGO
Appear 4 letters SEEM
Spiral-horned sheep 6 letters ARGALI
Figure of speech 8 letters METAPHOR
Parting words 5 letters OBITS
La Chartreuse de __ 5 letters PARME
Golfer Sam 5 letters SNEAD
Speak derisively 5 letters SCOFF
Must 5 letters HASTO
American evergreen 7 letters LIVEOAK
Reindeer herder 4 letters LAPP
Jug 4 letters EWER
Desert streambed 4 letters WADI
Hokkaido people 4 letters AINU
Sorry 9 letters REPENTANT
Mother of Horus 4 letters ISIS
Compulsive desire 4 letters ITCH
Drove back 8 letters REPULSED
Mosque officials 5 letters IMAMS
Soeur’s sibling 5 letters FRERE
Moon of Mars 6 letters DEIMOS
Fairly recent 6 letters NEWISH
Rum cocktail 6 letters MAITAI
Fragrance 5 letters AROMA
Finalize 5 letters SEWUP
Take care of 5 letters SEETO
West Indies magic 5 letters OBEAH
It smells 4 letters NOSE
Jazz singer Laine 4 letters CLEO
Brass instrument 4 letters HORN
West Coast zone 3 letters PST

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