Best Daily American Crossword February 23 2021 Answers

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Best Daily American Crossword February 23 2021 Answers:

Sailors 5 letters SWABS
Hearing aids? 4 letters AMPS
Price 4 letters COST
Linger 5 letters TARRY
Italian statesman Aldo 4 letters MORO
Aware of 4 letters ONTO
Lend ___ (pay attention) 5 letters ANEAR
Appearance 4 letters MIEN
Average 4 letters MEAN
Orthodox Jewish school 7 letters YESHIVA
Examine by touch 7 letters PALPATE
City on the Rhine 5 letters MAINZ
Bank employee 6 letters TELLER
Sage 6 letters SAVANT
All __ to Do is Dream 5 letters IHAVE
Wrinkle remover 4 letters IRON
The Ponte Vecchio crosses it 4 letters ARNO
Additional 5 letters EXTRA
Hair application 3 letters GEL
Carte __ 7 letters BLANCHE
Start with down and out 3 letters RUB
Birth-related 5 letters NATAL
Spillane’s Hammer 4 letters MIKE
Spanish ayes 4 letters SISI
Valley Girl singer-songwriter 5 letters ZAPPA
Correctly 6 letters ARIGHT
Spiced meat 6 letters SALAMI
Rugby formation 5 letters SCRUM
Eternal 7 letters AGELESS
Junkies 7 letters ADDICTS
Blight 4 letters BANE
At that time 4 letters THEN
Stan’s partner 5 letters OLLIE
Western Samoa’s capital 4 letters APIA
Depose 4 letters OUST
Summa cum __ 5 letters LAUDE
Egg producers 4 letters HENS
Prefix for suction 4 letters LIPO
Liberated 5 letters FREED
Remain 4 letters STAY
Diminish 4 letters WANE
Greek war god 4 letters ARES
High-caste Hindu 7 letters BRAHMAN
Damascus native 6 letters SYRIAN
Jordan’s capital 5 letters AMMAN
First person in France 3 letters MOI
Kind of school 4 letters PREP
Moonlight e.g. 6 letters SONATA
Intricate 7 letters COMPLEX
Ryan or Tatum 5 letters ONEAL
Declare 5 letters STATE
Laser printer refill 5 letters TONER
Indispensable 5 letters VITAL
River wall 5 letters LEVEE
Bright annuals 7 letters ZINNIAS
Indication 4 letters SIGN
Square footage 4 letters AREA
Potential unit 4 letters VOLT
Pawn 4 letters HOCK
Freeway exit 4 letters RAMP
Math class informally 4 letters TRIG
Make it snappy 4 letters RUSH
Rather 4 letters ABIT
Hold responsible 5 letters BLAME
Found out 5 letters HEARD
Rhododendrons’ relatives 7 letters AZALEAS
Having a resemblance 7 letters SIMILAR
Handgun 6 letters PISTOL
Pianist Serkin 6 letters RUDOLF
Region of Malaysia in northeast Borneo 5 letters SABAH
Visibly incredulous 5 letters AGAPE
Stalin predecessor 5 letters LENIN
Division of a long poem 5 letters CANTO
Feng __ 4 letters SHUI
This is one 4 letters CLUE
Current 4 letters TIDE
Tennis ranking 4 letters SEED
Paranormal letters 3 letters ESP

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