Best Daily American Crossword December 2 2021 Answers

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Best Daily American Crossword December 2 2021

Spills the beans 5 letters BLABS
Dollops 4 letters GOBS
Vaulter’s aid 4 letters POLE
Incur 5 letters RUNUP
Hilo feast 4 letters LUAU
__ for All Seasons 4 letters AMAN
Low joint? 5 letters ANKLE
Painting medium 4 letters OILS
Shortening 4 letters LARD
Traders 7 letters DEALERS
Napoleonic victory site 7 letters MARENGO
In Latin that is 5 letters IDEST
Idea 6 letters NOTION
Shoe part 6 letters INSTEP
Otherwise 5 letters IFNOT
Not too much musically 9 letters NONTROPPO
Two-master 5 letters KETCH
Sixteen for Caesar 3 letters XVI
Ryan’s daughter 5 letters TATUM
Food for cattle 3 letters HAY
Stopped lying? 5 letters SATUP
Wine grape 9 letters COLOMBARD
Rich cake 5 letters TORTE
Courteous 6 letters POLITE
Dress part 6 letters BODICE
Cubic meter 5 letters STERE
Comparison 7 letters ANALOGY
Wry writer 7 letters IRONIST
German film director Riefenstahl 4 letters LENI
The World According to __ 4 letters GARP
Multimedia device 5 letters CDROM
Egyptian canal 4 letters SUEZ
Friends in France 4 letters AMIS
Stop 5 letters CEASE
Church recess 4 letters APSE
Sight 4 letters ESPY
Actor-director Welles 5 letters ORSON
The Rocky Horror Picture Show hero 4 letters BRAD
Crescent-shaped figure 4 letters LUNE
Singer Paul 4 letters ANKA
Detective role for Steve McQueen 7 letters BULLITT
Road menace 7 letters SPEEDER
Shiny finish 5 letters GLOSS
Monsieur’s agreement 3 letters OUI
Soothing ointment 4 letters BALM
Valley of the Dolls author 6 letters SUSANN
Atelier accessory 7 letters PALETTE
Muscat native 5 letters OMANI
Broad and slow in music 5 letters LARGO
Conclude with 5 letters ENDON
Transplant in a way 5 letters REPOT
Swindle 4 letters ROOK
Walks quietly 7 letters TIPTOES
Need You Tonight rock group 4 letters INXS
Exploding star 4 letters NOVA
Agitated state 4 letters SNIT
Disgusting 4 letters FOUL
Agreement 4 letters PACT
Bangkok resident 4 letters THAI
Haul 4 letters CART
Jekyll’s alter ego 4 letters HYDE
Sad sort 5 letters MOPER
Put to use 7 letters UTILIZE
Little of Luciano? 4 letters POCO
Bookbinder’s leather 7 letters MOROCCO
Kitchen gadget 7 letters BLENDER
Marley’s music 6 letters REGGAE
Model material 5 letters BALSA
Leading by a point 5 letters ONEUP
Denmark’s people 5 letters DANES
Fuddled 5 letters TIPSY
Thanksgiving dish 4 letters YAMS
Levin and Gershwin 4 letters IRAS
Fair to middling 4 letters SOSO
Govt. agents 4 letters TMEN
Rent 3 letters RIP

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