Best Daily American Crossword August 3 2021 Answers

If you are searching for: Best Daily American Crossword August 3 2021 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Best Daily American Crossword August 3 2021 Answers:

At this point 4 letters HERE
Neck of the woods 4 letters AREA
Accords 5 letters PACTS
Sign of things to come 4 letters OMEN
Auction actions 4 letters NODS
Go bad 5 letters SPOIL
Gallivant 4 letters ROAM
Price indicators 4 letters TAGS
Rich cake 5 letters TORTE
Classic violin 5 letters STRAD
Abstruse 4 letters DEEP
Powder to a skier 4 letters SNOW
Mosaic piece 7 letters TESSERA
Aesthetic sense 5 letters TASTE
Indolence 5 letters SLOTH
Second-largest city in Texas 6 letters DALLAS
Church niche 4 letters APSE
Lost traction 4 letters SLID
Deceptive motion 5 letters FEINT
Salesperson for short 3 letters REP
By and large 7 letters ASARULE
Alias abbr. 3 letters AKA
Comprehension 5 letters GRASP
Buona ___ (Italian greeting) 4 letters SERA
Annoying insect 4 letters GNAT
Deposed 6 letters OUSTED
Capital of Senegal 5 letters DAKAR
___ a hatter 5 letters MADAS
Threats 7 letters MENACES
Electron’s place 4 letters ATOM
Big prefix 4 letters MEGA
Action film sequence 5 letters CHASE
Barbarella director 5 letters VADIM
Computer fodder 4 letters DATA
De ___ Poetica (ancient treatise) 4 letters ARTE
Add one’s two cents 5 letters OPINE
Campbell of country 4 letters GLEN
Former prime-time equine 4 letters MRED
___ Work It Out 5 letters WECAN
Be a breadwinner 4 letters EARN
Needle apertures 4 letters EYES
Actor Buchholz 5 letters HORST
Be a ham in Hamlet? 5 letters EMOTE
Brings up 5 letters REARS
All together 7 letters ENMASSE
Colony member 3 letters ANT
Route finder 9 letters ROADATLAS
Boundary 4 letters EDGE
Balance sheet item 5 letters ASSET
West Coast zone 3 letters PST
Last Supper guest 7 letters APOSTLE
July birthstone 9 letters CORNELIAN
Former Belgrade bigwig 4 letters TITO
Large quantity 4 letters SLEW
PC key 3 letters DEL
Cushion 3 letters PAD
Friends role 4 letters ROSS
Out of danger 4 letters SAFE
Added to the payroll 5 letters HIRED
Crazy Love singer 4 letters ANKA
At once! 4 letters STAT
Golden Fleece craft 4 letters ARGO
Andean land 4 letters PERU
Fitful 9 letters SPASMODIC
Brain membrane 9 letters DURAMATER
Imitated 4 letters APED
Fishing spot 4 letters LAKE
Endurance 7 letters STAMINA
The Wind in the Willows author 7 letters GRAHAME
Beaver’s project 3 letters DAM
Mandela’s org. 3 letters ANC
Marsh plant 5 letters SEDGE
Bear 5 letters CARRY
First name in cosmetics 5 letters ESTEE
Bird-feeder filler 5 letters SEEDS
Admit openly 4 letters AVOW
Package sealer 4 letters TAPE
Big celebration 4 letters GALA
Chess pieces 3 letters MEN
Raggedy ___ 3 letters ANN

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