Best Daily American Crossword August 18 2022 Answers

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Best Daily American Crossword August 18 2022 Answers:

La Belle Dame Sans Merci poet 5 letters KEATS
Stirring tale 4 letters SAGA
Piece of cake 4 letters SNAP
Incite 5 letters EGGON
Rock ‘n’ roll pioneer Freed 4 letters ALAN
Irish Republic 4 letters EIRE
Intrinsically 5 letters PERSE
Change for a hundred 4 letters TENS
Chops 4 letters AXES
Window ornamentation 7 letters TRACERY
Scram! 7 letters GETLOST
Sky blue 5 letters AZURE
Makeshift shed 6 letters LEANTO
Put off 6 letters TABLED
One of the United Arab Emirates 5 letters AJMAN
Adhesive 4 letters GLUE
Inner beginner 4 letters ENTO
Attracts buyers 5 letters SELLS
Under the weather 3 letters ILL
Come before 7 letters PRECEDE
Cry of delight 3 letters OOH
Having fine threads 5 letters FILAR
First name in courtroom fiction 4 letters ERLE
Commanded 4 letters BADE
Botch 5 letters MISDO
Griped 6 letters BEEFED
Old Folks At Home river 6 letters SWANEE
Twist and compress 5 letters WRING
Sees 7 letters TAKESIN
Element used in alloys 7 letters YTTRIUM
A day in Rome 4 letters IDES
Germinal author 4 letters ZOLA
Salon service 5 letters RINSE
Hat material 4 letters FELT
English school of note 4 letters ETON
Wrong 5 letters AMISS
Start to unravel 4 letters FRAY
Ball girls? 4 letters DEBS
Ruined city in Jordan 5 letters PETRA
Retained 4 letters KEPT
Elbe tributary 4 letters EGER
Taj Mahal site 4 letters AGRA
Proportional 7 letters TOSCALE
Cold symptom 6 letters SNEEZE
Nymph chaser 5 letters SATYR
Inn drink 3 letters ALE
Association of criminals 4 letters GANG
Canterbury saint 6 letters ANSELM
Shipping route 7 letters SEALANE
Vice President under Eisenhower 5 letters NIXON
Give it __! 5 letters AREST
Pasta sauce 5 letters PESTO
Less polite 5 letters RUDER
Rag 5 letters TEASE
Suffer humiliation 7 letters EATCROW
Friday exclamation 4 letters TGIF
__ Need (Temptations hit) 4 letters ALLI
Male elephant 4 letters BULL
Book before Amos 4 letters JOEL
Require 4 letters NEED
Bread portion 4 letters LOAF
Rich vein 4 letters LODE
Cast off 4 letters SHED
Is nosy 5 letters PRIES
Ledger entry 5 letters DEBIT
Pardon 7 letters AMNESTY
Soil 7 letters BEGRIME
Grabbed hold of 6 letters SEIZED
Snare 6 letters ENTRAP
Rigid 5 letters STIFF
Fisherman’s boot 5 letters WADER
Cub Scout pack leader 5 letters AKELA
Meg and Robert 5 letters RYANS
Observe 4 letters NOTE
What’s __ for me? 4 letters INIT
State dissolved 31 December 1991 4 letters USSR
Tableland 4 letters MESA
High tennis shot 3 letters LOB

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