Best Daily American Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

If you are searching for: Best Daily American Crossword April 8 2021 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Best Daily American Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

Oodles 5 letters SCADS
Thai currency 4 letters BAHT
Climber’s rock 4 letters CRAG
Landlord’s sign 5 letters TOLET
Fact fudger 4 letters LIAR
Admired one 4 letters HERO
Easy gait 5 letters AMBLE
Bar on a car 4 letters AXLE
Gulf States bigwig 4 letters AMIR
Longs for 7 letters DESIRES
Flowers with yellow buttonlike blooms 7 letters TANSIES
Aptitudes 5 letters BENTS
Spill the beans 6 letters TATTLE
Relief pictures? 6 letters CAMEOS
Man of the world? Not! 5 letters WAYNE
Big brutes 4 letters APES
Deutschland ___ Alles 4 letters UBER
Conductor Dorati 5 letters ANTAL
Fix as a fight 3 letters RIG
Introductions 7 letters LEADINS
Harem chamber 3 letters ODA
Banded stone 5 letters AGATE
___ Marlene 4 letters LILI
Teri Hatcher role 4 letters LOIS
Caravan stops 5 letters OASES
Kids’ wheels 6 letters TRIKES
Believer in a god 6 letters THEIST
Fast runners 5 letters HARES
They bring home the bacon 7 letters EARNERS
Cooked chestnuts 7 letters ROASTED
Bob in the Olympics 4 letters SLED
Very 4 letters OHSO
High-calorie cake 5 letters TORTE
Central spots 4 letters LOCI
Pod contents 4 letters PEAS
My Cherie __ 5 letters AMOUR
The Thin Man dog 4 letters ASTA
Bargain event 4 letters SALE
Take hold 5 letters SETIN
Native village in South Africa 4 letters STAD
Approach 4 letters COME
Linen vestments 4 letters ALBS
Coppélia composer 7 letters DELIBES
Approaching from two directions 6 letters STEREO
Great time or great noise 5 letters BLAST
___-en-Provence 3 letters AIX
Leave off 4 letters HALT
Compact 6 letters TREATY
Rebuke 7 letters CHASTEN
Mail a payment 5 letters REMIT
The Tempest sprite 5 letters ARIEL
Spiny shrub 5 letters GORSE
Come after 5 letters ENSUE
Grandmas 5 letters NANAS
European tongue 7 letters SWEDISH
Cherished as a bambina 4 letters CARA
___ in a poke 4 letters APIG
Big prefix 4 letters MEGA
Seed coat 4 letters ARIL
Barn dance seat 4 letters BALE
Captured 4 letters TOOK
Straight as ___ 4 letters ADIE
Galloway gal 4 letters LASS
Certain car deal 5 letters LEASE
Explosive for short 5 letters NITRO
A Passage ___ 7 letters TOINDIA
Lithe 7 letters LISSOME
Barbershop sharpeners 6 letters STROPS
They ring some necks 6 letters REATAS
Electronics pioneer Nikola 5 letters TESLA
Heavenly rings 5 letters HALOS
Construct 5 letters ERECT
Cropped up 5 letters AROSE
Big Apple ballpark 4 letters SHEA
Race pace 4 letters TROT
A case of pins and needles 4 letters ETUI
Bruce or Laura of Hollywood 4 letters DERN
My Gal ___ 3 letters SAL

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