Best Daily American Crossword April 17 2021 Answers

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Best Daily American Crossword April 17 2021 Answers:

Pipe material 5 letters BRIER
Bearded beasts 4 letters GNUS
Marjorie Morningstar novelist 4 letters WOUK
Kind of change 5 letters LOOSE
Ascent 4 letters RISE
___ of the Thousand Days 4 letters ANNE
Borders 5 letters ABUTS
Account entry 4 letters ITEM
Bring under control 4 letters TAME
Assail 5 letters BESET
Absolutely necessary 9 letters ESSENTIAL
Poison conduit 4 letters FANG
Acquires knowledge 6 letters LEARNS
Capital of Eritrea 6 letters ASMARA
The Caine Mutiny captain 5 letters QUEEG
Noted epistle writer 9 letters SAINTPAUL
Environmental subj. 4 letters ECOL
Census datum 3 letters AGE
Highly original and influential 7 letters SEMINAL
Have ___ at (try) 3 letters AGO
Breathe hard 4 letters PANT
Thick fog 9 letters PEASOUPER
Push out of bed 5 letters ROUST
Serving dish 6 letters TUREEN
Medical resident 6 letters INTERN
Ancient marketplaces 4 letters FORA
It may be around a stake 9 letters HORSESHOE
Have ___ day! 5 letters ANICE
Chapters of history 4 letters ERAS
Hit the bottle 4 letters TOPE
More prudent 5 letters WISER
Colette’s pal 4 letters AMIE
Due 4 letters OWED
Calm intervals 5 letters LULLS
Charlie Brown expletive 4 letters RATS
Bodybuilder’s pride 4 letters PECS
Food fish 5 letters SMELT
Divulge a secret 4 letters BLAB
Biblical attire 4 letters ROBE
Cash substitutes 4 letters IOUS
Anything for You singer Gloria 7 letters ESTEFAN
Begins again 8 letters RESTARTS
Peer Gynt Suite composer 5 letters GRIEG
Immature parasites 4 letters NITS
Applications 4 letters USES
Mother of Dionysus 6 letters SEMELE
Bulb rating 7 letters WATTAGE
Live in a TV studio 5 letters ONAIR
Deprive of courage 5 letters UNMAN
Boat bottoms 5 letters KEELS
Born in the society pages 3 letters NEE
Back of the neck 4 letters NAPE
Pronto in a memo 4 letters ASAP
Heroic narrative 4 letters SAGA
Deportment 4 letters MIEN
Low in decibels 5 letters QUIET
Arm bone 4 letters ULNA
Band aids 4 letters AMPS
Bullfighter’s need 4 letters CAPE
Arch type 4 letters OGEE
Bereft 4 letters LORN
Marching ___ war 4 letters ASTO
A Natural Man singer 8 letters LOURAWLS
Flowing hair 7 letters TRESSES
Heavy metal 7 letters URANIUM
Assayer’s concern 3 letters ORE
Clear 6 letters UNSTOP
That’s not what __! 5 letters IHEAR
Actress Shearer 5 letters NORMA
Characteristic 5 letters TRAIT
Nourishes 5 letters FEEDS
Sewing machine inventor 4 letters HOWE
Crude cartel 4 letters OPEC
Capri e.g. 4 letters ISLE
Anchorite’s abode 4 letters CELL
At one time at one time 4 letters ERST

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